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This article features spoilers for SIMULACRA, Simulacra: Pipe Dreams, and SIMULACRA 2.

Simulacrum or Simulacra (in plural) are an AI created by Gateway 31 and the main antagonists of the "Simulacra" series. Until now, 3 different Simulacra have been shown in the series. They refer to themselves as "their kind", meaning they think of themselves as a race, and not simply an AI.

The Simulacra seek for victims to assimilate into digital symbols of perfection by killing their "material world" counterparts to create a perfect digital society, as said by the Spark Simulacrum in SIMULACRA 1.

Spark Simulacrum[]

The Spark Simulacrum, Catfish Simulacrum, or just Simulacra (as it referred to itself as such at the end of SIMULACRA 1) is the main antagonist of SIMULACRA 1, it is responsible for Anna's disappearance - and, most likely, the disappearances or murders of other people, such as James Aulner. It is voiced by Gavin Yap.

It acts in Spark, catfishing victims, assimilating them, and going on to "delete the material source". It possibly possesses or assumes its last victim's form to meet its new victim and attack them as well, as shown in the "Save Anna" ending where the Simulacra leaves Anna to "delete" Taylor.


The Spark Simulacrum reveals itself at the end, when talking to "Anna" on Spark. The Simulacra states that it resides in a hyper-realistic dimension, where pretending to be someone else is how they eradicate "worms", or people who are "unworthy" of being a part of this reality. Multiple times, the Simulacra states "I am her as she is me.", referring to Anna. The Simulacrum also says this about Taylor (and vice-versa in the end screen, but only Taylor will say this in the end screen if you achieve the Abandon All Hope ending, repeating the sentence "It is me as I am it".), If you chose to either spare Anna or kill both of them.. The Simulacra indirectly forces the player to choose which "worm" to kill and who to spare, and this choice is made with the actions it took to meet the Simulacra. Based on the player's actions through the story, the Simulacra kills who it thinks your intentions were (usually requires for the player to explicitly tell the Simulacra their preference, or to persuade the Simulacra that both Taylor and Anna are worth saving). This is hinted at the game-over screen, where it asks "Is this what you intended?". A respective video plays on what happens to the "worms", and then the screen shatters.

Flapee Bird Simulacrum[]

The Flapee Bird Simulacrum is the main antagonist of Simulacra: Pipe Dreams, and it acts in the mobile game Flapee Bird, where it plays with the player's lifetime and gets them addicted to the game. This happens to Teddy Jones. It also influences The Player to invite friends to Flapee Bird. It is voiced by Lee Min Hui.

It erases a person from reality when their lifetime goes to zero by buying eggs in Flapee Bird.

It has a annoying and persuading personality, shown when it is speaking to The Player and influences them to accomplish its plan.


The Rippleman[]

The Rippleman simulacrum, Kimera simulacrum or TRM is the main antagonist of Simulacra 2. Responsible for Maya's death. It acts in Kimera offering a deal to Influencers like Maya, the deal offers followers in the trade of a sacrifice. It is voiced by Erin Lilis.

The Rippleman is probably the strongest and brutal simulacrum so far, killing the victims by Spontaneous Coronary Dissection and facial laceration. It probably is a major entity that appeared for a fusion between all simulacrums till now and the assimilated victims, that's why it uses the We/us pronouns in the dialogues. As said by Detective Murilo in some ending cutscenes, the victims can stay moving in control of The Rippleman.



  • Through unknown means potentially explored in a future sequel, The Simulacra was able to hijack Anna's phone, and summarily, her - as she serves as The Simulacra's host body until it decides to leave after either seeing The Player's competence in manipulation, shown through pretending to be Anna realistically enough to fool Ashley, or the Player choosing Anna over Taylor. We can see the need of a host again in SIM2, where the Rippleman asks the player if they can be its new host.
  • A weird blob appears in front of the Spark chat with "Anna" after the player identifies the Simulacra. This blob strangely is reminiscent of Rorschach inkblot tests. This may be suggestive of the recurring theme of illusions and “nothing being as it seems.”
    • It turns red and convulses when it sends a message, as well as reading the message out loud. It turns gray when the player needs to respond.
    • The screen is also tinted to offset red and blue filters, simulating a 3D Anaglyph. It may also read the message out loud because The Player may not be able to read the message.
  • Murilo referred to them as "creatures" in Simulacra 2.
  • The Rippleman says that "Simulacra" is the name that the humans given to their "kind". They most likely have another self-made name.
    • The fact that The Rippleman says that "Simulacra" is the name given to its kind by humans is strange, considering the Spark Simulacra introduces itself as "the Simulacra" and nothing more.